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Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

    5 Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

    Fall Bulletin Board Ideas are the best way to announce the loveliest season of the year. Decorating with Bulletin Boards in your classroom will really brighten up the place. Keep students informed of important events by making adorable boards with owls, leaves and pumpkins on them. Incorporate warm autumn colors and themes like owls, falling leaves, corn fields, scarecrows, and even Halloween and Thanksgiving. You may also want to make sure they have their school supplies ready too. Take inspiration from one of these awesome ideas for your classroom.

    1. Fall Truck

    5 Fall Bulletin Board Ideas
    Transform your bulletin board with a charming fall-themed truck with pumpkin decorations. Personalize it by writing each student’s name on a pumpkin and watch their faces light up with excitement.

    2. Fall in Love with Learning

    5 Fall Bulletin Board Ideas
    Grab kids attention with a clever pun. Make this fall scene by sticking blue paper on your board. In addition to this you will place green paper at the bottom to represent the grass. Then you can make trees and leaves with brown paper or you can buy faux leaves to stick on. Finally you can add the words “Fall in love with Learning”.

    3. Thanksgiving

    5 Fall Bulletin Board Ideas
    Encourage your students to reflect on what they are thankful for with this Thanksgiving Bulletin Board. Each child can add a personal touch to the turkey at the center by writing down something they are grateful for on a paper feather.

    4. S’mores Inspired

    5 Fall Bulletin Board Ideas
    Ignite a love for learning in students with this S’mores themed bulletin board complete with the phrase “Ready for S’more Learning!”.

    5. Un-be-leaf-able

    5 Fall Bulletin Board Ideas
    Clearly, we all enjoy a good pun and you can instill this in children by making this inspiring board. Place the saying “infants are unbe ‘leaf’ able” on your board. As well as this, you could write each individual students name on a leaf or a pumpkin for example.

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