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DIY Mothers Day Gifts Ideas from Kids

    This year, why not give your mom something extra special with these Mothers Day Gifts. Skip the flowers and show her how much you care with a one-of-a-kind present. Make homemade gifts, cards, and homemade flowers for Mother’s Day that your kids will enjoy and love as they are easy to make. Mothers love receiving gifts from their children, no matter their age. Crafters, read on for these original Mothers Day Gift ideas guaranteed to make her day brighter.

    Mothers Day Gifts from Kids

    DIY Plate for Mothers Day Gifts

    Mothers Day Gifts from Kids
    Get the kids to make this adorable plate with their hand prints.

    • Paint
    • Brushes
    • Sponge
    • pencil
    • wet rag and/or baby wipes to clean paint off hands
    • White plate

    With a sponge or large square brush, paint one of the child’s hands in red. Place it on the plate. Press down all those little fingers! Repeat with the other hand to make a heart shape on the plate. You can  then paint a black heart shape around the hand prints and write the message Mommy has my heart.

    2. Sunflower Themed

    DIY Mothers Day Gifts Ideas from Kids
    Sunflowers are known as “happy” flowers and are the perfect gift to bring joy to someone’s day. Fill a box full of yellow items to make mom happy.

    • Yellow basket to put gifts in
    • Faux sunflower
    • Sunflower seeds
    • Sunflower themed book
    • Yellow Candle
    • Juicy fruits chewing gum

    Place all your supplies into the basket. Write sweet and positive notes for each item.

    3. A Box of Sunshine

    A Box of Sunshine
    Give mom a ray of sunshine with this clever idea. This ultimate gift box is easy and fun to make, whether you’re a crafting pro or just starting out. If you are away from home you can send this as a care package to show how much you care.

    • Shipping Box to put gifts in
    • Yellow Wrapping paper
    • Plush toy such as a bee
    • Yellow stickers such as sunshines
    • Yellow candies such as MandMs and Lemonheads

    Remember to include some tissue paper or shredded paper filler to help cushion the items and create a professional look. Place all your supplies into the box. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add in some unexpected surprises. Remember, the goal is to brighten your Mom’s day with a thoughtful and personalized gift.

    4. Box of Sunshine

    Box of Sunshine
    This happy surprise box is filled with everything to lift Mom’s spirits. With so many options available, you can ensure that this hamper reflects the recipient’s tastes, preferences, and interests.

    5. Everything Yellow

    Everything Yellow


    6. Sunshine in a Bucket

    Sunshine in a Bucket

    7. Tickled Pink Hamper

    Tickled Pink Hamper
    A Tickled Pink Gift Hamper is a fantastic way to show someone how much you care. Fill a gift basket or cute box with all things pink and then add a tag that says “Tickled Pink to have you as my Mom”. There is an endless possibility of items that you could include in this gift, and here are just a few to consider.

    • Pink Nail Polish
    • Pink Pens
    • Pink Gum
    • Pink Candy
    • Pink Jewelry
    • Pink Stickers
    • Pink Shower Gel
    • Pink Lip Gloss
    • Pink Accessories
    • Pink Notebook
    • Pink Socks

    8. Mom Cake

    Mom Cake
    Surprise Mom with a Towel Cake on Mother’s Day. You’ll need a variety of towels in different sizes and colors, as well as some ribbon, scissors, and a few other basic crafting materials. You can choose towels in your mom’s favorite colors or opt for a combination that matches her bathroom decor. Once you have all your supplies at hand, you’re ready to move onto creating the base of your towel cake.Purchase a set of Pink Towels to make mom this fabulous toiletry cake containing all the items she needs to have a pamper session. Place the letters M,O,M on the base layer.

    9. Care Kit

    Care Kit

    10. Mother


    11. Grandkids Peg Dolls

    Grandkids Peg Dolls
    Wood Pegs are painted to represent each grand kid and framed in a Shadow Box to create this special gift.

    12. You Are My Sunshine

    You Are My Sunshine


    13. Out of The Blue

    Out of The Blue
    If blue is her favorite color then fill a box with items that are blue. Of course this would also be a great one to give Mom “just because”. There are so many awesome blue items you may have to think carefully about the size of the box to hold them all.

    14. Orange

    DIY Mothers Day Gifts Ideas from Kids
    Create a personalized orange gift box for a bright pop of color. Make sure to use orange wrapping paper and you could also includes stickers or pictures of the fruit. Items to consider include:

    • Orange Tic Tacs
    • Goldfish Crackers
    • Cheddar Cheese Pringles
    • Wild Sweet Orange Tea
    • Orange Candy
    • Orange Face Wash
    • Orange Sun Cream
    • Orange Loofah
    • Orange Accessories

    15. Mother’s Day Prezzie Cake

    Mother's Day Prezzie Cake
    Make this Elegant Spa-Themed Towel Cake by incorporating her favorite colors or create a fun theme that reflects her personality. For example, you could make a beach-themed towel cake with bright and vibrant colors, or a floral design with pastel shades. To make the base of your towel cake, you’ll need a cardboard tube or a sturdy, cylindrical object such as a bottle or a can. Wrap the tube with a towel in the color of your choice, securing it with ribbon. This will act as the center of your base. You can use a variety of towel sizes and shapes to create the layers, and add fun accessories like artificial flowers, ribbons, or toys to give it a playful touch. Your mom will love the thoughtfulness and creativity that went into this towel cake, and it will be a unique and memorable gift she can enjoy for a long time.

    16. Sweet feet

    Sweet feet
    This is a great Mothers Day gift idea for small children and will serve as a lovely memory when they are grown. Sweet feet on a new planter for Mother’s Day and you could tuck a gift card inside with some seeds and other items.

    17. Momma & baby bear

    Momma & baby bear
    Make this super cute Momma & baby bear using footprints & fingerprints. It can be printed on a range of things such as tea towels, napkins and blankets.

    18. Handprint Pot Holder

    Handprint Pot Holder
    Make these pot holders with fabric paint and a paint brush to spread and make the hand print more visible.

    19. Handprint Oven Mitt

    Handprint Oven Mitt
    You can purchase oven mitt’s at the dollar store and print your children’s hand prints onto them to make these adorable helping hands.

    20. Jar of Treats

    dollar store mothers day gifts
    A few items from the Dollar Tree stuffed in jars (also from the dollar store) to make simple, cheap gifts. I made these for my sisters on Mother’s Day 🙂 and they loved it!
    source pinterest

    21. Spa Gift Basket

    DIY Mothers Day Gifts Ideas
    The supplies for this spa gift basket come from Dollar tree.
    source pinterest

    22. Thumbprint

    Mothers Day Gifts from Kids

    23. Basket of Goodies

    Basket of Goodies
    Buy Canvas
    Mothers Day Gifts from Kids
    Cute Mother’s Day gift from kiddos with small hands and feet! You can use a permanent marker for the black text, and red washable paint.

    For even more cute ideas check out these Mother’s Day Footprint Art Ideas.

    See the Printable on Etsy

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