Plastic Cup Snowman

This is a great way to use up those disposable cups you’ve had lying around. You’ll need to staple approximately 300 plastic cups to make this adorable snowman. Form two ball shapes with this method one smaller for the head and one larger for the body. Then add decorations such as a scarf and eyes. It would make a great decoration for an apartment and he’s so festive looking that everyone will just love him.


1. Mr Snow

Make a giant un-meltable snowman from K cups and a stapler. Mix it up by using different sizes to make a cool and unique snowman. Don’t worry about wasting cups – you can still use ones you’ve already used and washed. Just staple them together with a strong staple to keep them from breaking. Remember to use just enough staples – too many can make your snowman look crooked. Leave some cups unstapled for a stable and well-balanced snowman. Use 100 cups to make one ball at the bottom and another on top – the perfect way to build a snowman. Have fun making your plastic cup snowman!

2. Lit-Up

Make the snowman glow by adding lights. To begin, you’ll need three different sizes of cups – two for each size, for a total of six cups. You will need 19 cups for the middle section, 17 cups for the upper section, and 18 cups for the lower section. Start by putting glue on one side of a cup and attaching it to another cup, holding it downwards to make sure they stick together properly. Repeat this process for each section, making sure the cups are aligned. Once all the cups are in place, use a lot of glue to secure them together. You can also add sticks for arms and add lights for a beautiful and cute snowman decoration.

Lit Snowman


Plastic cup snowman

Snowman made of plastic cups

Printable Christmas Game

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