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DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Crafts

    Make festive crafting even more fun with these DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Crafts. If you have been collecting all sorts of bottles throughout the year – then it’s time to start upcycling them. Choose from cute Wine Bottle Tree or even a glam centerpiece – then again, why not give them all a try!

    1. Holiday Painted Wine Bottles

    Holiday Painted Wine Bottles

    2. Christmas Wine Bottle Decor

    Christmas Wine Bottle Decor

    3. Snowman Bottle

    Snowman Bottle
    Wine bottle. Sprayed bottle red, hand painted snowman with acrylic paint mixed with Snow-Tex for texture. Add snowflakes sequins with hot glue.

    DIY Christmas Wine Bottle Decor

    We have included this video tutorial from little Joys Of Life to show you how to make your own Christmas Wine Bottle Decor.

    4. Snowmen Wine Bottles

    Snowmen Wine Bottles

    5. Santa Claus

    Santa Claus

    6. Mr. and Mrs. Snowman
    Mr. and Mrs. Snowman

    7. Christmas Characters
    Christmas Characters

    8. Rudolph & Friends

    Rudolph & Friends

    9. Wine Bottle Christmas Crafts

    Wine Bottle Christmas Crafts

    10. Wine Bottle Tree

    Wine Bottle Tree

    11. Noel Centerpiece

    Noel Centerpiece
    Re-purpose wine bottles into Holiday decor. Supplies: assorted empty wine bottles, white matte spray paint, stencil, red acrylic craft paint, ribbon, paint brush. Instructions: remove any stickers from wine bottles, spray paint bottles in well ventilated area (2 coats), when bottles dry apply stencil with red craft paint and finish with a simple accent bow around the bottle neck.

    12. Snowmen Painted Wine Bottles

    Snowmen Painted Wine Bottles

    See the Printable on Etsy

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