DIY Christmas Hanging Basket

DIY Christmas Hanging Basket
Learn how to craft the perfect decorative piece for your home with our step-by-step instructions and images to guide you! Begin crafting your own Christmas Hanging Basket by transforming old summer hanging baskets into a Christmas urn!

  • Hanging basket
  • Christmas lights
  • Florists foam
  • Pine fronds
  • Pine cones

Remove the dead plants, then gather unused Christmas items, ribbon, and greens from your trees or the woods. Put the greens in the basket, then add faux floral picks and decorations. Use skewers and floral wire to attach ornaments to sticks, and twist ribbon around the sticks to create a bow. Arrange everything in the basket. Hang the urn someplace special and enjoy!
DIY Christmas Hanging Basket

Printable Christmas Game

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