Wine Cork Christmas Crafts

Wine Cork Christmas Crafts are possibly the cutest craft ever. Have you ever thought of possible uses for all those leftover wine corks? What about dabbling in recycled crafts and transforming them into adorable adorable items like ornaments. You can also make thoughtful items, for example you could save the corks from bottles of wine you’ve shared with someone special and make them a sentimental gift. Differing from other recycled crafts, these are a really unique and clever way to reuse corks.

9 Cute Christmas Cork Crafts

1. Wine Cork Snowmen

9 Cute Christmas Cork Crafts
Make a family of wine cork snowmen by hot gluing corks into a snowman shape and then painting white.


  • Wine Corks
  • Acrylic craft paint – white
  • Craft foam – Orange
  • Ribbon
  • Mini hats
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush


Put the snowman’s head together by using hot glue to attach two corks, then three corks, and then two corks. Do the same with the snowman’s body by gluing together rows of three corks, four corks, five corks, four corks, and three corks. Then, glue the body and head together. Use white paint to cover the ends of the corks. Wait for it to dry, and add a second coat if needed. Glue the snowman’s head to its body. Cut a triangle from orange craft foam and glue it to the center of the head to make a carrot nose. Make a scarf by tying ribbon around the snowman’s neck. Use a bit of glue to make sure it stays in place. Use buttons for decoration and eyes and then finish with little hats.

2. Wine Cork Mouse

9 Cute Christmas Cork Crafts
This adorable cork mouse is made with a champagne cork and wine cork.


  • cork
  • 20 pound 19 gauge wire needle
  • nose pliers five ball and straight pins
  • wire cutters
  • yarn ribbon fabric or yarn ribbon
  • hot glue
  • a box cutter or exacto knife
  • scissors
  • cutting surface


Make three 4 to 5 inch wire pieces. Twist one end of two of them with pliers to look like leaves. Use a box cutter to cut two small round pieces, between 1/8 and 1/4 inch, from a wine cork. Spin the cutter around the cork to make the pieces. These will be the mouse’s ears. To make notches for the ears, measure the cork and cut two small grooves. Put glue on the cork ears and place them in the grooves. Use round pins for the face and arms. For the eyes, cut the pins shorter. Stick the pins in the cork for the eyes and nose. You can use bigger pins for the arms. The twisted wires will be the legs. Put them in the front of the cork. The straight wire is the tail, which helps the mouse stand. Put the wire in the back of the cork and bend it so the mouse can balance. Adjust the wires to make the mouse stand up. Use yarn, fabric, or ribbon to decorate your mouse. Tie a piece of fabric or ribbon around its neck to make a scarf. Have fun making your own unique mouse!

3. Wreath

9 Cute Christmas Cork Crafts
All you need is a wreath form, corks, garland , mini baubles and glue to make this festive wreath. It would look wonderful in any room in the house, particularly the kitchen. Additionally you could make it as a nice gift to give a friend or relative during the festive season.

4. Wine Cork Christmas Tree

9 Cute Christmas Cork Crafts
Making a Wine cork Christmas tree is easier than you would think. Firstly, begin by starting at the base to make the shape of your tree – this will determine the size. Following this you will hot glue the corks together to resemble the shape in the picture. Finally you can stick mini decorations on to complete the look.


5. Wine Cork Angels

9 Cute Christmas Cork Crafts
These wine cork angels will look great on your tree, particularly if the little ones make them with you.


6. Snowman Ornament

9 Cute Christmas Cork Crafts
Make an ornament from a champagne cork.

7. Penguin Ornaments

9 Cute Christmas Cork Crafts
Certainly these charming little penguin corks make for a very fun and cute winter craft for kids to make. Similarly, you can make other winter characters too such as snowmen for example.

8. Nutcrackers

9 Cute Christmas Cork Crafts
Turn Champagne corks into colorful Nutcrackers.

9. Tree Decorations

9 Cute Christmas Cork Crafts
Clearly, there are many different festive decorations that can be made from wine corks. Undoubtedly, this is a great way to create something unique and personal. For example you could make the little trees and paint them in a loved ones favorite colors as a personalized gift. In addition to this , you could decorate your tree purely from cork ornaments that you have made by hand.


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