DIY Valentines Box Ideas for Kids

This year you can pick one of these DIY Valentines box ideas for kids to collect all their sweet cards in. These awesome ideas will have them at the top of the class for creativeness. There are so many fun ideas to take inspiration from for your card box for example favorite cartoon characters or hobbies. It’s also a great way to get the kids together for some quality arts and crafts time.

1. Unicorn Valentine’s Day Box

Unicorn Valentine's Day Box
Perfect for the child that loves everything unicorn. To make this you’ll need a
cardboard box, white card stock and glitter paper. Start by making a slit in the top of the box with a utility knife for the cards to be posted in.
instructions Unicorn Valentine’s Day Box

2. Mermaid Valentines Box

Mermaid Valentines Box
Turn a photo storage box into this beautiful mermaid using card, construction paper and wrapping paper.
instructions Mermaid Valentine Box

3. Mario Themed Valentines Box

Mario Themed Valentines Box

4. Valentine Monster

Valentine Monster
This is proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to craft lovely things. This monster is an up-cycled Kleenex box that was painted green and wool was added for the hair while googly eyes were glued on for eyes.

5. Starbuck’s Frappuchino Valentine’s Box

Starbuck's Frappuchino Valentine's Box
Use foam insulation for the whipped cream.
instructions youtube

6. Basketball Valentines Box Ideas for Kids

Basketball Valentine Box
Turn an old shoe box into this Basketball Valentine Box for your little sports fan. Paint the box orange and once dry you can add black lines with a sharpie marker. You can make your own basketball hoop using the lid off of an item like an oatmeal container and string.

DIY Valentine’s Day Boxes

We have included this tutorial from WhatsUpMoms to show you how to make your own Valentines Box.

7. Llama Valentine’s Box

Llama Valentine’s Box
Restyle a plain box into this adorable fluffy llama to hold your Valentine’s mail. You’ll need a tissue box, llama print out as weel as other supplies including cotton wool to make this cute critter.
instructions youtube

8. Shark Valentine Box

Shark Valentine box
Try not to get the song “Baby Shark” stuck in your head when making this one.

9. Redbox

Boys and girls can use this idea.

10. Bee Valentine Box

bee valentine box
For another Valentines box idea for Kids you could look for  a sweet way to say “Bee Mine”.  Try your hands at this adorable bee box. Cover a box with yellow construction paper and then cut out black strips to stick on for the stripes. Add big white circles for the eyes and make “antennae” using black pom poms attached to black straws. Finish by gluing on the wings.

11. Spongebob Valentine Box

Spongebob valentines box
Shoe box, bulletin board paper, card stock, foam sheets and markers. A little knowledge in drawing is something to have too.

12. Disney Frozen Valentine’s Box

Disney Frozen Valentine's Box

13. Baseball

Also great for raffle tickets or donations at fundraisers.

14. Tractor Valentine Box

Tractor Valentine Box
What a cute idea for tractor loving kids. You’ll need a long box and one shorter, green construction paper and tape to make this.
instructions Tractor Valentine Box

15. TMNT Valentines Box

TMNT Valentines Box

16.Fox Valentine Box

Fox Valentine Box
Up-cycle a tissue box into an adorable fox for Valentines cards using scrapbook paper and glue.
instructions Fox Valentine Box

17. Cat Valentine’s Day Box

Cat Valentine's Day Box

See the Printable on Etsy


  1. Couldn’t see material for the Starbucks cup but trying to make a bigby cup

  2. How did you attach the net for basketball one? What’s netting was used and how is it attached

    • Hi Rachel, make the hoop by cutting out the top of an oatmeal container and then to make the net you just line up
      two strings and tie those around your circle then take two pieces from different strands and tie those together for three rows. It helps to have someone fold it and cut off the excess string. Use a piece of white foam for the backboard that can be decorated with
      tape and hot glue those together and onto the box. Hope that helps – if you check the video we included on the post the instructions for this start at 3:53

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