Cute DIY Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

With Easter fast approaching you are probably getting excited about all the celebrations with family. Start collecting bits and pieces for your presents and take inspiration from these DIY Easter Basket Ideas which will make sure every bunny on your list is taken care of! You can make a basket based on their favorite movie such as The Little Mermaid or even just pick their favorite color. For baby baskets, you can make them from paddling pools or swings and include items such as baby clothes and snacks. So start getting inspired by these awesome ideas.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

1. Mermaid

Every little girl loves mermaids – so why not make her dream come true and give her a mermaid themed basket. Collect all things mermaid inspired and place in a Blue Bucket. Make a sparkly tail from Blue Glitter Card Stock and finish with Hamper Wrap. Things you could put inside include this adorable Mermaid Vibes Plastic Cup and this super soft Mermaid Fleece Blanket

2. Pastel Eggs

Pastel Eggs

3. Pool Fun

Pool Fun
Buy some Pool Noodles and make them into a little basket. You can fill it with Water Toys and all the things they need for fun at the pool – this would be great for a younger child. Add the finishing touch with this cute Blue Bunny Also if you don’t feel like making the basket from pool noodles – you could even buy a paddling pool and fill that with items instead.

4. Snack Time

Snack Time
An infant will be delighted with this basket – choc full of their favorite snacks. You could also include items like bibs to help keep them clean and little toys to keep them amused in their high chair.

5. Baby Girl

Baby Girl
This basket is made by filling a Pink Swing with items including a White Bunny and baby snacks. Other items you can add include a bunny and other Spring themed cuddly toys.

6. Cute Rain Boots

Cute Rain Boots
If you have a lot of grandchildren then this is a great idea. Purchase rain boots in their sizes and favorite colors and then fill them with items such as Peeps and chocolate bunnies. Plenty of splashing fun to be had here.

7. Disney Themed

Disney Themed
Lavish your child with the magic of Disney with this Mickey Mouse and Minnie inspired Basket. Fill it with red colored items such as Kit Kats and Maltesers for example. You could also include some Disney cuddly toys too.

8. Edible

These edible Easter baskets will really go down a treat. You’ll need 4 Theater box Candy Boxes and 2 Laffy Taffy or <strong>Nerd Ropes to construct your ‘basket’. Line it with Easter Grass and pop little treats and Plastic Eggs inside which could be stuffed with Jewelry or dollars.
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9. Favorite Color

Favorite Color
Does your little one have a particular color that they love? Then put a gift basket together for them in this shade. You could get a cuddly toy, sweets and any other item popular in their age group.

10. Disney Princess Gift Basket

Disney Princess Gift Basket
The perfect gift for your little princess. Purchase a pink basket, and make a tutu around it. Add all the items she needs to be just like a Disney Princess such as story books, toys, mirrors, hair accessories and any other items you would like to include. Don’t forget to finish off with a cute ribbon or bow.

11. Tinkerbell

Make this Tinkerbell themed egg basket by wrapping yarn and PVA around a balloon. Once dry, pop the balloon and add all the items you like such as anything fairy themed.

12. Bunny Tutu

Much like the princess basket you can purchase a basket and make a tutu around it, and this time you will add bunny ears to the top. You could even put a set of bunny ears inside the basket for your child to wear too.

13. Peeps Bouquet

For a cute alternative to a basket – make up an Easter inspired bouquet.Get a clear vase from the dollar store and line it with tissue paper. Now you can use kebob sticks to attach different colored Peeps in a row and cover with a treat bag.

14. Little Tike

Little Tike
Make this basket by filling a Blue Swing with items including a Monkey a Striped Blue Polo Top and baby snacks.

15. Easter Baskets for kids

Easter Baskets for kids
These baskets contain everything they need for summer fun. Made of beach towels and pool noodles. Filled with beach toys, bathing suits, flip flops, icicle pops, water guns, snacks and candy anything you can think of for summer fun.
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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids
Bunnies for your honeys!! Make bunnies out of beach towels and stuff the “pocket” with flip-flops,swimsuit, and swim goggles. Great idea for a non candy gift.
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Easter Baskets for kids
Awesome Candy Land Theme Easter Basket.

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