DIY Valentines Crafts for Kids to Make

Help the kids to create some special pictures and presents in time for February 14th with these DIY Valentines Crafts. You can double up on them to give out as gifts to relatives and teachers too. Transform Cupid’s Day into one to be enjoyed by the whole family and celebrate that love is all around us.

1. Paper Heart

Paper Heart
Make this adorable heart by drawing a heart onto pink paper and cutting out. Add legs and arms by cutting strips of paper which are accordion folded and then glued on.
source youtube

2. Paper Heart Chain

Paper Heart Chain
Make these easy and safe paper chains with the kids to decorate your house. They can be as colorful as you want – you could even make them into a rainbow themed chain. Cut out strips of paper in your chosen colors and staple in the center to make a heart shape.

3. Bee Mine

Bee Mine
This cute pun card is made by painting the palm and thumb in yellow and adding black stripes over the yellow. Paint the fingers in blue for the wings. Make the print and then add googly eyes.
source youtube

4. Hand Card

Hand Card
This is a super easy and quick card to make so you can make multiple in no time at all – and because it’s your child’s hand it’s super personal too. Fold a sheet of A4 paper in half and position your child’s hand near the fold to make half a heart’s shape between the thumb and index finger. Now you are ready to trace and then cut out. This is such a versatile idea that can be used time and time again for all sorts of occasions from Father’s Day to Christmas for example.
source Heartfelt Greetings

5. Crayon Hearts

Crayon Hearts
This is a great way to use up old and broken crayons. Chop them up and place into a heart shaped baking mold. Bake at 230 degrees for 15 minutes and then you can place them on little cards to make Valentines from.
source chefmessy

6. Paper Heart Basket

Kids will love making these baskets which can be filled with sweets or any other cute favor. They could be used for any occasion such as Christmas, Easter or birthdays.
source youtube

7. Clothespin Butterfly

Clothespin Butterfly
Pin sweet messages with these adorable butterflies. Begin by tracing two hearts back to back on card stock to create ‘wings’. Cut out and glue to a clothes pin. Now you can add detail and googly eyes.
source youtube

8. Unicorn Valentines

Unicorn Valentines
Turn foam hearts into these cute unicorns – the horn is actually a lollipop. They would also make great favors for birthdays and showers too.
source youtube

9. Heart Wreath

Heart Wreath
To make this lovely wreath, you’ll use a paper plate to form the wreath shape and cut out hearts from 3 different shades of pink paper which are then glued to the plate.
source theresourcefulmama

10. Love Bug

Love Bug
Make this super cut Love Bug by cutting out hearts in various colors and a bigger one for the head. Add google eyes and pipe cleaner antennae. You could make the love bug from foam, felt or simply paper – and why not add a message at the back too.

11. Heart Shaped Animals

Heart Shaped Animals
These adorable heart shaped animals are sure to brighten anyone’s day. From a heart shaped dog to a heart shaped lady bug – what’s not to love.
source housingaforest

12. Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Yarn Wrapped Hearts
Make these 3D hearts with cardboard and yarn. This is a great way to introduce kids to textiles and they are definitely going to love making them.
source easypeasyandfun

13. Patterned Heart Wreath

Patterned Heart Wreath
Introduce kids to patterns with this adorable patterned heart wreath. You can collect a wide variety of scrapbook paper or even just recycle old wrapping paper to make this cheerful and welcoming wreath.

14. Heart Bouquet

Heart Bouquet
Flowers don’t come in heart shapes – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make an imaginative bouquet of hearts for your nearest and dearest to show your love.

15. Footprint Butterflies

Footprint Butterflies
Turn footprints into butterflies by adding heart wings and eyes to show them that they make your heart flutter.

16. Footprint Hearts

Footprint Hearts
Print feet in a heart shape and write a special message to show them how much you care.

17. Bee Mine Valentine

Bee Mine Valentine
This pun style card is perfect and very cute to put in classroom Valentines boxes.
source fromabcstoacts

18. Heart Dog

Heart Dog
They call it puppy love so why not make a hearty pup to match. Cut out a circle for the body and then different sized hearts for the rest of the details – then just add googly eyes.

19. I Love You Card

I Love You Card

20. Little Footprint Hearts

Little Footprint Hearts
Make these adorable keepsakes by covering baby’s foot with red paint and print baby’s feet in a heart shape. One dry cut out in a heart shape and you are done.

21. Toe-tally Love You

Footprints toe-tally love you valentine art
Print just the top half of your little one’s feet in different and bright colors to make this fun valentine pun art.

22. Valentines day butterfly baby foot craft

Valentines day butterfly baby foot craft

23. Valentine’s Day Craft

Valentine's Day Craft

24. Valentine’s Day project for toddlers

Valentine's Day project for toddlers
Use painters tape on a canvas and have your toddler paint away. Frame it for your house.

25. Handprint Plate

Handprint Plate
Use acrylic paint & a Sharpie (in cool oven; heat to 350; turn off & cool 30 mins)

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