DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends

Once you begin to feel that cold chill in the air you know that it is winter and it’s time to think of creative diy christmas gifts to make that will save money. Whether you want to bake or just get some ideas for a gift basket, the ideas here will give you tons of inspiration.


1. Emergency Candy

DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends
These make ideal diy christmas gifts for boyfriend or friends. Using a shadow box frame , use letter stickers to recreate the words emergency candy and then fill with the person’s favorite treats. You could make these at any time of the year for birthdays or easter too.

2. Christmas Tea Tree

DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends
For the tea lover this idea will be right up their street. Buy a packet of tea bag variety box and hot glue them onto a Styrofoam tree. Then you can pop this in a festive mug for a really cute gift idea.

3. Gold Leaf Phone Case

Gold Leaf Phone Case
Make them a really cool phone cover with gold leaf paint, washi paint and a clear case for their phone model. Place 2 strips of washi tape diagonally across the inside of the cover and paint over this with the gold leaf paint. Once dry you can remove the tape to reveal your funky design.
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Christmas Party Game

4. Gem Soap

Gem Soap
This super cute soap is made with clear and opaque soap bases. Start by melting the clear soap base in the microwave then divide among 3 plastic glasses. Add the colors purple pink and blue to each cup and repeat the process with the opaque soap base. Once they’ve set, remove and chop them into pieces. Add the pieces to 3 cups and add clear melted soap base to each. You should be left with 3 different looking soaps which can then be shaved into gem like shapes.
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5. Chocolate Coke Bottle

Chocolate Coke Bottle
For very simple homemade christmas food gifts, these chocolate coke bottles hit the spot. With a small old soda bottle , fill with chocolate. Allow to cool and place surprise candy inside. Finish by placing a coke label on the outside.
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6. Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers
Stocking stuffers are a great idea especially if you want a cheap gift that looks great. Purchase a cute stocking from the dollar store and fill with inexpensive items.

7. Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard Sign
A chalkboard sign is so easy to make and you can write whatever funny or inspirational message you like in it to encourage your friend.

8. Candy Apple Kit

Candy Apple Kit
In the jar place ingredients for a homemade caramel sauce or make one yourself.

9. Oatmeal Cookies in a Jar

Oatmeal Cookies in a Jar
Give your friend the gift of making their own freshly baked oatmeal cookies with this step by step.

10. Customized Plate

Customized Plate
For just a few dollars, make a fun handmade personalized gift. Draw whatever cute or funny images or messages you want using a sharpie and then bake in the oven for 30 mins.

11. Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue
A hamper out of the blue is a lovely idea to give to a friend who is overseas over the holiday period. Simply line a cardboard box with blue and add products in blue boxes.

12. Sunshine in a Box

Sunshine in a Box
Who needs a sunny vacation when you can have sunshine in a box. Box includes Subway gift card, old fashioned lemon drops, lemon Jolly Ranchers, lip balm, lemon Ice Breakers, hand sanitizer, and a lemon cleansing facial mask.

13. Gifts in a Mug

Gifts in a Mug
If you are looking for cheap gifts for roommates or friends for under $10 then just purchase a $1 mug and $1 socks from dollar tree and you can also add other bits and pieces too to make it more customized like their favorite sweets for example.

14. Spa in a Jar

Spa in a Jar
This is a great way to recycle a mason jar! Fill it with items including cotton balls, mini hand lotion, mini hand sanitizers, nail polish and sweets or any other items you like.

15. Favorite Candy

Favorite Candy
Write cute notes on boxes of their favorite candies.

16. Best Friend

Best Friend
This is very easy to recreate with a canvas and some paint brushes – you could even find a silhouette online for the two best friends.

17. Box of Sunshine

Box of Sunshine
Share the happiness with this box of sunshine. Fill a cardboard box with  yellow items such as candles, yellow lemonade and chewing gum. It is a great idea for the friend who has been unwell or is far from home.

18. Flip to my Flop

Flip to my Flop
Quote art is very simple to do with some canvas and multi colored sharpies. You can write any quote you like and make it as colorful or as plain as you want.

19. Jar of Pretzels

Jar of Pretzels
Fill a jar with their favorite treats such as chocolate covered pretzels and place in a jar with a festive bow.

20. Friends Frame

DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends
Since it’s re-release on Netflix – the Friends sitcom has gained new fans. So show you’re friend you’ll be there for them with this really cute idea.

21. Happy Vibes Box

Happy Vibes Box

22. Sisters by Heart

Sisters by Heart

23. Friends that Turned into Family

Friends that Turned into Family

24. Open When Envelopes

Open When Envelopes

25. 30 Reasons Why

30 Reasons Why

26. Open When Cards

Open When Cards

27. Patrick Star

Patrick Star

28. Matching Art

Matching Art

See the Printable on Etsy

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