DIY Super Bowl Party Ideas for Teens

The football is just around the corner, so most likely you will be throwing a party. Show support for your favorite team with these winning Super Bowl Party Ideas that require different levels of effort depending on your requirements. So take inspiration from these ideas to kick off your Super Bowl Sunday in style.

1. Penalty Flags

Penalty Flags
To recreate this idea, get two white buckets and decorate them with black stripes by using either card stock or paint. Purchase yellow and red serviettes in each and make a sign saying “Penalty Flags” for the outside.

2. Football Game

Football Game

3. Décor Mason Jars

Décor Mason Jars
Get your utensils football ready with these creative jars. For this project you will need 4 pint sized mason jars, acrylic paint, paint brush and a craft smart paint pen.
source masonjarcraftslove

4. Football Utensil Jars

Football Utensil Jars
These football inspired jars are great for holding items such as snacks for your party.
source gingersnapcrafts

5. Lombardi Trophy

Lombardi Trophy
Make this from a glass vase, foam football, spray primer and silver spray paint and a little hot glue (tilt the ball a little).

6. Photo Booth Background

Photo Booth Background
Another simple idea for a football themed back drop is to purchase a table cloth like a football pitch and stick it to your wall.

7. Football Goal Balloon Backdrop

Football Goal Balloon Backdrop
Blow up balloons and stick them to your wall in the shape of a goal to recreate this idea.

8. Philadelphia Eagles Party

Philadelphia Eagles Party

9. Super Bowl Party Decor

Supe rBowl Party Decor

10. Football Field Table

Football Field Table

11. Super Bowl Party Pops

Super Bowl Party Pops

12. Referee Backdrop

Referee Backdrop
Create this Referee Backdrop for game day with supplies including a flat black sheet, flat white sheet, a free standing backdrop stand an iron and small safety pins.
source hwtm

13. Football Centerpiece

Football Centerpiece

14. Bake Cups

Bake Cups
You’ll be bowled over by the ideas listed here including having a dipping bar!
source pizzazzerie

15. Super Bowl Party Cake

Superbowl party cake

16. Super Bowl Party Ideas Cupcakes

Superbowl Party football-cupcakes

17. Grass Covered Sodas

Grass Covered Sodas

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