DIY Christmas Room Decor for Teens

Get your room ready for the festive season with these Christmas Room Decor ideas that will take your room from cold to cozy in an instant. The best thing is that a lot if these ideas can be made as Christmas Presents for Teenagers too. So whether you choose to decorate with it or put it under the tree as a gift is up to you.

1. Gingerbread Snowflake

Gingerbread Snowflake
This clever ornament idea will really spruce up your room. You’ll need brown and white modelling clay and a snowflake shaped cookie cutter to make it.
source youtube

2. Snowflake Garland

Snowflake Garland
Make this super cute garland with white yarn and string. Wrap the yarn around your fingers and tie in the center. Cut to make pom poms and repeat the process until you have as many as you need. Using a needle and tread, stich the thread or string through each pom pom until the garland us complete. Now you can hang it in a place you’ll enjoy.
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3. Snow Globe

This would also make a really cute present or favor. Glue a mini tree to the lid of a jar and add some glycerin and water and sprinkles to the jar.
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DIY Christmas Room Decor

We have included this video tutorial from Jeanine Amapola to show you how they decorated their room for Christmas.

4. Tumblr Wall Decor

Tumblr Wall Decor
Get excited for Christmas by printing off a bunch of your favorite winter themed pictures and hanging them in this Tumblr inspired frame.
source youtube

5. Candy Cane Jars

Candy Cane Jars
All you need to make these jars is white and red electrical tape. Simply wrap them round the jars in the design of a candy cane. One can be used to hold candy while the other can hold a tea light.
source youtube

6. Sparkling Fireplace

Make this adorable fireplace by printing out a picture of a fire and add gold glitter. Place in a red frame and make cute stockings from card stock to stick to it.
source youtube

7. Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights
This Tumblr style bedroom is perfect for celebrating Christmas, with it’s festive lights and twinkling lights to bring the photos to attention.

8. Cozy Tartan

Cozy Tartan
The check pattern of the throw cushions against the cozy red knitted throw really bring out all the coziness of Christmas and the adorable twinkling tree on the bedside really brings it all together.

9. Frozen Themed

Frozen Themed
How adorable does Olaf look against the candy cane bed spread – he also seems to be offering a Christmas bucket list to be ticked off over the season.

10. Festive Cushions

Festive Cushions
Cushions are a really quick way to inject your decor with the festive spirit. The best thing is you can easily swap cushions out for every season and they make a huge impact!

11. Snow White

Snow White
Never underestimate the power of white and lights when it comes to twinkling decor that Santa would be happy to see.

12. Christmas Lights on Ceiling

Christmas Lights on Ceiling
This room definitely wins the twinkle factor with the impact of hanging Christmas Lights on the Ceiling.

13. Christmas Tree Polaroids

Christmas Tree Polaroids
If you don’t have the space for a tree – then get creative and make one with Polaroids and lights!

14. Over Door Fairy Lights

Over Door Fairy Lights
Go over the top and deck your door and mirror with fairy lights in a continuous line to really brighten the way for Santa and his sleigh.

15. Fairy Lights Over Bed

Fairy Lights Over Bed
If you’re lucky enough to have a 4 poster bed – then string fairy lights over the top to make your room shine bright.

16. White Tree

White Tree
Adding a white Christmas tree in all it’s glory will give your your room the festive cheer it so desires in no time – think of all the fun you can have decorating it.

17. Neutral

For the rest of the year this neutral pallet under the holiday decor is perfect.

18. Cozy Wreath

Cozy Wreath

19. Fairy Lit Curtain

Fairy Lit Curtain

20. Forest Chic

21. Rustic Wood

Rustic Wood

22. Red Throw

Red Throw
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