DIY Christmas Floral Arrangements

The festive season is a time when we really focus on our decor to make our house look just right for the season. Choosing the right flowers is crucial to make the right statement, especially for centerpieces and the like. You can be as creative as you like, incorporating all the wonderful foliage and winter berries from the season. You could even use a broken branch from the Christmas tree and place it in a pot and arrange berries around it. Don’t forget to add a snowman’s head where appropriate or little red birds. So get ready to be inspired by these DIY Christmas Floral Arrangements.

1. Pine Cones & Fir

Pine Cones & Fir
Nothing says Christmas like beautiful pine cones which can be found abundantly in nature or purchased at your local craft store.

2. Golden Spruce

Golden Spruce
It is always worth using golden tones in your festive decor – since this color is widely used for the celebrations. Think of adding golden ornaments or leaves.

3. Winter Berries

Winter Berries
The silver pot really helps to set this stunning piece apart, especially with the snow covered pine, this piece really screams Christmas.

4. All Natural Christmas Centerpiece

All Natural Christmas Centerpiece
The red bird is a wonderful addition to any festive floral arrangement you may have in mind – and if the piece is big enough you could feature many in their own little nests.

5. Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers
This is centerpiece pretty enough to brighten any corner of your home and the red shiny vase is a real eye catcher that could be used at any time of the year including Valentine’s Day for example.

6. Golden Poinsettia

Golden Poinsettia
Make a golden poinsettia the star by featuring it in a golden vase to highlight it.

7. Simple Christmas Centerpiece

Simple Christmas Centerpiece
Green and white are such elegant colors to make arrangements for your festive decor. Add a candle in the center and this can form the basis of your winter decor.

8. Peeping Snowman

Peeping Snowman
Combine sprigs of pine to make this super cute arrangement complete with a check bow and adorable snowman’s head.

9. Red Poinsettia

Red Poinsettia
A red poinsettia takes center place in this festive bouquet featuring sliver tipped branches.

10. Christmas Bloom

Christmas Bloom
Go over the top by layering different heights of fir branches and interspersing pine cones and berries. It is brought into balance with the bottom which echos the design with pretty red and green ornaments.

11. Amaryllis

This holiday inspired piece incorporates amaryllis, proteas, wax flower, red Kalanchoe, privet, pepperberry, blushing bride & sumac.

12. Succulent and Raw Wood Centerpiece

Succulent and Raw Wood Centerpiece
Succulents can be transformed into festive pieces in the right setting such as adding a rustic wooden slice littered with pine cones.

13. Poinsettias & Berries

Poinsettias & Berries
Harness the romance of the season with beautiful red poinsettias and berries mixed with fir and arranged beautifully in a rustic vase.

14. Entry Way Arrangement

Entry Way Arrangement
This is a great entry way arrangement using a pedestal flower pot, greenery, Christmas balls, and a cute snowman. Some fairy lights help to add light to the corner too.

15. Christmas Flower Arrangement

Christmas Flower Arrangement
This arrangement is made using a broken branch from the Christmas tree. You could also add some fairy lights or little ornaments if you so wish.

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