DIY Christmas Party Food for Kids

With winter upon us – it’s time to bring the warm glow of baking to our homes. These Christmas party food ideas will bring joy to everyone’s hearts and the kids will love getting involved too. Transform pudding cups into festive characters like Rudolph and marshmallows into adorable snowmen. So check out these ideas and start making your favorite ones today!

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1. Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread Men
The trick to getting these gingerbread men to hold the sweets is to bake them holding little balls of tinfoil which then takes shape to hold the sweets once baked.
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2. Stained Glass Cookies

Stained Glass Cookies
Make these by cutting out Christmas shapes from sugar cookies and crush up hard boiled sweets for the center. They make great decorations for the tree too so make sure you add a hole with a toot pick before baking.
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3. Marshmallow Snowman

Marshmallow Snowman
If you’re looking for a super quick treat to make – this snowman is perfect and he looks great on top of a steaming mug of hot cocoa. Take 3 marshmallows and place on a pretzel stick. Break another pretzel into bits for arms and legs and use food coloring for details such as the eyes and smile.
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4. Edible Reindeer

Edible Reindeer
The perfect treat to leave out for Santa and Rudolph on Christmas night. Take some mini chocolate rolls and slice two slits with a knife to add large pretzel twists as antlers. Use icing to attach the candy eyes and red M&M nose.
source youtube

5. Melted Snowman Cookies

Melted Snowman Cookies
You don’t have to go out in the cold to make a melted snowman – try making these delicious ones instead. Use food coloring to add a face to marshmallows and drizzle white icing over cookies to attach the marshmallow heads.
source youtube

6. Christmas Wreath Pops

Christmas Wreath Pops
Transform Oreos into these colorful Christmas wreath pops with white chocolate, sprinkles and M&MS. Pop your cookies into melted white chocalte and add sprinkles and M&Ms.
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7. Grinch Kebobs

This is definitely much nicer than the actual Grinch. Recreate this with strawberries, grapes, slices of banana and marshmallows popped onto kebob sticks.
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8. Grape Santas

Very similar to the Grinch Kebob except you can call this one a grape santa.

9. Chocolate Brownie Trees

These brownie trees are simple to recreate. Cut brownies into tree shapes and decorate with icing and candy.

10. Olaf Popcorn Cups

To make these adorable Olaf cups , you’ll need plastic cups, popcorn, googly eyes and black and orange card stock. Make pointy noses from the orange and stick onto to cups. Add googly eyes and pop some popcorn in each cup. This would be great for movie night.

11. Santa Bananas

Get little ones to eat their fruit with this simple and cute edible santa. Chop many slices of banana and marshmallows and strawberries and combine to form this cute fruit santa.
source cleanandscentsible

12. Christmas Morning Punch

Christmas Morning Punch
Help quench their thirst with this festive punch – and if you want to make it for adults you could swap sparkling wine for ginger ale.

13. Donut Reindeer & Snowman

Donut Reindeer & Snowman
These make great party favors! Use 12 packs of donuts which prepackaged in four and draw on snowman features.

14. Brownie Rudolph

Brownie Rudolph
Add googly eyes and red pom poms as well as cardboard antlers to make these fun Rudolph Brownies.

15. Pudding Cup Reindeer

Pudding Cup Reindeer
This also makes a fun festive craft or to give as little gifts to classroom friends. Add googly eyes and red pom poms as well as pipe cleaner antlers to pudding cups.

16. Snowmen Popcorn Cups

Snowmen Popcorn Cups
These are so easy to make. Fill plastic cups with popcorn and draw on snowman details.

17. Reindeer Brownies

Reindeer Brownies

18. Grinch Rolls

Christmas Party Food for Kids

19. Santa Hat Cupcake cake

Santa Hat Cupcake cake

20. Christmas cupcakes trees snowmen

Christmas cupcakes trees snowmen

21. Festive Pudding Cups

Christmas Party Food for Kids%

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