Awesome DIY Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend

February 14th brings all the love and charm into the world that Cupid would shoot his arrows for. If you are looking for DIY Valentines Gifts to make your sweetheart then these ideas will help you. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show your affections. The sentimental gifts such as a handmade photo collage or a quote from ‘your’ song will really tug at the heart strings.

1. Magic Cube Transformer

Magic Cube Transformer
To make this adorable transforming cube, you’ll make a bunch of cubes exactly the same size which are then taped together for ease of movement. Cut cards to match the size of the cubes and make your images on these to stick to your transforming cube.
source youtube

2. Spanner Frame

Spanner Frame
If your guy is into handy work around the home or fixing up cars – then make this really unique frame for him to keep by his bedside.

3. Map Quote Art

Map Quote Art
Perhaps you two have taken a special road trip together or even you are in a long distance relationship – then print a map of what best signifies this and write a meaningful quote on it.

4. Yoda Mug

Yoda Mug
If he is a huge Star Wars fan – then this pun style mug will really go down a treat with him.

5. Beer Bouquet

Beer Bouquet
Men may not necessarily appreciate receiving a bouquet of flowers so make them this awesome beer bouquet instead. Purchase his favorite beer and place in a nice tub or basket. Add tissue paper and faux roses on top of each beer – what man wouldn’t love a beer at the end of a rose!

6. Open When Envelopes

Open When Envelopes
A great idea for long distance relationships. Get a stack of envelopes and write instructions for when they should be opened – for example ” When you need a laugh”. Then inside you can have perhaps a funny story or funny picture of you.

7. Quote Frame

Quote Frame
Make a custom frame by using a sharpie to write all the reasons why you love him on it. He’ll be able to read this every time he looks at your lovely picture.

8. Such a Catch

Such a Catch
On a baseball, use a fine tip sharpie to write all the reasons why he is such a catch for you.

9. Gift of Senses

Gift of Senses
On five paper bags, write each of the senses and fill with gifts that resemble each.
source youtube

10. Jar of Kisses

Jar of Kisses
If he has a sweet tooth – then fill up a jar of Hershey Kisses for him to enjoy – this is also a really great one if you are in a long distance relationship or if you are going to be apart for some time.

11. Yoda One for Me

Yoda One for Me
A really sweet card that will melt his heart – especially if he is a Star Wars fan.

12. Lottery Bouquet

Lottery Bouquet
Show him how lucky he makes you feel by making up a lottery bouquet attached to his favorite candy.

13. Five Senses

Five Senses
This is so versatile it could even be used for birthdays and Christmas too.

14. Cute Hamper

Cute Hamper
You can purchase many of the items seen in the basket at your local dollar store, so you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to show a lot of love.

14. Candy Card

Candy Card
A candy card is the sweetest way to show him your love. You’ll need a big sheet of paper and you can be as creative as you want to make words from his favorite candy.

15. Boxer Bouquet

Boxer Bouquet
What man doesn’t love to receive nice underwear. This is a very creative way to present it and you can keep your eye out for discounts in different stores to keep the price down.

16. 3 Jars

3 Jars
Nothing says I love you like jars filled with his favorite candy and messages such such as “Nuts about you”.

17. Romantic Hamper

Romantic Hamper
Make a basket full of his favorite things and attach a heart balloon to set the romantic tone.

18. Customized Gift Basket

Customized Gift Basket
Fill up a basket with his favorite things – such as beers, treats, snacks and don’t forget a cute cuddly too.

19. Sports Hamper

Sports Hamper
Lavish him with his favorite sports gear such as trainers and tee shirts.

20. I Love You Box

I Love You Box
Make him up a box detailing reasons of why you love him such as love letters and poems especially written for him.

21. Be My Valentine Hamper

Be My Valentine Hamper
Woo him with this box for goodies for Valentine’s Day. This is also really good for a care package if your loved one is away for work or school for example.

22. Can’t Reese-ist You

Can't Reese-ist You
Make up a box of candy puns to win his heart such as Reeses with a sticker saying ‘Can’t Reese-ist You’.

23. Goodies for your Sweet

Goodies for your Sweet
This is another version of a candy pun box – but who doesn’t love a good candy pun – the possibilities are endless.

24. Greatest Catch

Greatest Catch
Fill up a tackle box with some goodies such as jellies and write the message ‘Greatest Catch’ on the box.

25. Hooked on You

Hooked on You
A very simple idea, fill a jar with his favorite jellies and write on the label – ‘Hooked on You’. You could also use this as a cute anniversary gift too.

26. Man Jar

Man Jar
Gifts in a jar are so cheap and easy to make. Simply fill a jar with items he may need such as socks and mini toiletries. It’s also great as a stocking filler for Christmas too.

27. Open When Letters

Open When Letters

28. Miss you a Latte

Miss you a Latte
Send this care package to a coffee lover with all the treats he enjoys with his cup of Jo – and don’t forget to include pictures of the two of you.

29. World to Me Hamper

World to Me Hamper
If he means the world to you – then show him with this thoughtful gift box. Print off Maps and glue to the inside of the box and add his favorite treats.

30. Just Add Water

Just Add Water
This is the ideal care package if he has gone away for school. Fill a box with items such as instant noodles and soups to make sure he has plenty to snack on – after all they do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

31. Framed Pics

Framed Pics
Frame some pictures of the two of you with your initials to show him your love is permanent.

32. Shadow Box Collage

Shadow Box Collage
A shadow box is perfect to make a collage of everything that’s important to the two of you.

33. Monogram Decor

Monogram Decor
Get some letters in your local craft store of your initials for him to hang in his dorm room.

34. Personalized Hamper

Personalized Hamper

35. Balloon Delivery

Balloon Delivery

36. Candy Bouquet

Candy Bouquet
Hot glue candy bars and other little goodies onto bamboo kabob sticks and stick them into styrofoam to recreate this idea.
instructions Candy Bouquet

37. Candy Jar Puns

Candy Jar Puns

38. 5 Senses

5 Senses #valentines

39. 5 Senses

5 Senses
Valentines Gift for boyfriend

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