Awesome DIY Valentines Cards for Him

With these valentines cards for him, you can honor Cupid on February 14 by showering your nearest and dearest with a beautiful or funny handmade card from the heart. Watch as their eyes light up when you craft them one of these unique cards that can’t be bought in the shop. You can make it even more unique by adding your own twist or style to any of these ideas.


1. 3D Pop-up Heart

3D Pop-up Heart
Make an impact with this impressive 3D honeycomb pop-up heart card. Your valentine will be smiling all day when they open this beauty.
source youtube

2. Kisses

A rather simple way to declare your love – simply kiss a piece of paper many times and cut out your kisses. You can use as many different color lipsticks as you like. Write loving messages on the back and give to your sweetheart.

3. Matchbox Pop-up Card

Matchbox Pop-up Card
Make a pop-up card even more interesting by transforming a matchbox into a miinature version.
source youtube

4. Heart Surprise

Heart Surprise
Your true love will get a wonderful surprise when they see the work that has gone into this special card. This is like a love treasure box since you can write sweet messages and stick photos inside. This will definitely go straight into their memory box.
source youtube

5. You Light My Life

You Light My Life
Use birthday candles to make this easy DIY Valentine’s Day card.

6. Love

This is almost like scrabble art. Put square letters on the front of a card to make the word ‘Love’.

7. Crazy Pho You

Crazy Pho You
This is a printable card which is a great idea if you are running out of time but still want something a little crafted looking.
source etsy

8. Donut Know What I’d Do

Donut Know What I'd Do
For the sweet lover in your life this hand drawn card is perfect.

9. Scientific

If you have a science lover on your hands then this is the perfect card for them to receive on February 14th.

10. Moon and Back

Let that someone special know you love them to the moon and back with this super creative card.

11. Shaker Card

A Shaker card is always a hit and this one is no different. Purchase glitter in either gold or red. Draw chemistry lab tubes on a piece of card and cut out with a craft knife. Use 2 sheets of plastic stuck together on the inside to hold the glitter.
source scrapbookandcardstodaymag

12. Carved Initials Card

You can purchase many nice wood style papers in a craft shop to make this card. Simple cut out a heart shape and reveal initials on the other side of the card.

13. Hello Handsome

Cut patterned hearts from scrapbook paper and stick on a card. Then add the message ‘Hello Handsome’.

14. Hedgehog

This adorable hedgehog comes bearing a sweet message.

15. Valentine’s Pun

Valentine's Pun
If you think that they are one in a million – then make them fruity pun card.

16. Love Monster Valentines cards for him

Love Monsters
These cards couldn’t be easier to make with googly eyes and hearts.

17. Eyes

Purchase different colored googly eyes to make these fun cards.
source pgeveryday

18. Googly Eye Valentines

Googly Eye Valentines
source parents

19. Happy Valentines cards for him

Happy Valentines
This 3D card is sure to be a hit with the receiver.

20. Hap-pea

Two peas in a pod are complete with this adorable little card.

21. Rainbow Hearts

Rainbow Hearts
Show them how colorful they make you feel with a card full of adorable rainbow hearts.

22. You Brighten My Day

You Brighten My Day
Show them that they brighten your day with this cute card featuring a string of lights.

23. Gingham Hearts

Conjure up the romance of Parisian picnics with adorable gingham hearts.

24.  Candy Card

Valentines Candy Card
Candy and a fun message ? That’s sure to win his heart!

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