DIY Christmas Wreaths for Front Door

As the festive season is in full swing – everyone is decking their halls with holly. Nothing creates a more cheerful vibe then sprucing your home up with shiny baubles and glittering tinsel with stars. It is especially nice for visitors to see a nice welcoming wreath, particularly at this time of year. Moreover, you can have fun crafting a very special piece to hang on your door, not to mention how impressed people will be when they realize it was handmade by you. It is a great way to add a personal touch and similarly you can get the whole family involved in the fun. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy some cozy crafting afternoons in the winter!
So, get into the holiday spirit with these awe inspiring DIY Christmas Wreaths that will give your door an air of magic.

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas


1. Pine Cones & Garland

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
Make use of those pine cones you’ve been saving from your backyard and transform them into this amazing and rustic looking wreath. You can paint the tips of your cones white to make them look as if they have just come from a magical winter wonderland forest. In fact you can be as creative as you like and paint them any color of your choosing and even add glitter to make them really sparkle.


2. Wine Cork Christmas Wreath

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
Wine Cork Christmas Crafts are a great way to recycle – however you don’t need to drink tons of bottles of wine to procure them since you can buy them online. Make this upcycled wreath using corks, a wreath form and some small baubles.


3. Hot Chocolate Wreath

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
Clearly, Hot chocolate goes hand in hand with Christmas, it’s delicious and warming on a cold winter night. So make this adorable wreath to conjure up those cozy nights by the fire with soothing hot chocolate. You can purchase Foam marshmallows to add the trimmings on top.
To create this adorable Cup of Hot Chocolate Wreath, gather a 14″ wire form and use the pull through method to add brown and red ruffles. Craft the perfect handle using a section of small green foam ring, and add some sweet details with slices of styrofoam tube as marshmallows. To make the peppermint stick use a foam rod or cardboard tube and cut to your desired length. Wrap with red sparkly ribbon to create the stripes.Your home will be filled with holiday cheer and delicious vibes with this charming hot chocolate wreath.

4. Deco Mesh Grinch

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
I love Grinch Christmas Decorations.


  • 14in wreath form
  • Lime green wide foil mesh
  • Twisty ties
  • Giant Pipe cleaners
  • Santa Hat


Gather a floral wreath, a full roll of metallic mesh fabric, 10 twisty ties, large green glitter eyes, giant chenille pipe cleaners, and a trusty hot glue gun. Start by attaching 6-8 ties on each section of the floral frame, then use the mesh fabric to create a full and eye-catching design. And don’t forget to use those giant chenille pipe cleaners to mold the Grinch’s iconic facial features, secured with some hot glue. This wreath is sure to steal the show this holiday season!

5. Deco Mesh Tree

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
Make this one of a kind decoration for your door in time for Christmas. You can make it in any color combination you like to go with the colors you have chosen for your festive decorations.
Instructions Deco Mesh Tree

6. Nativity Scene

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
Transform your nativity scene into a stunning wreath that captures the essence of Christmas! With blue tulle to evoke the night sky and burlap to represent hay as well as some festive Christmas lights, you can elevate your holiday decorations to a whole new level. Embrace the magic of the season and add a touch of whimsy to your home with this creative twist on a classic tradition.

7. Santa Claus

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
Santa Claus looks very pleased to be placed next beautiful red poinsettia on this wreath. Alternatively you could replace the poinsettia with another flower of your choosing.

8. Felt Wreath

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
Felt is such a versatile fabric for crafting and you can make wonderful shapes and figures to add to your wreath with felt. Along with that, the texture of the material adds a lovely rustic feel.


9. Elf Christmas Hat Wreath

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
Make this festive wreath with a few simple supplies.


  • Witch Hat Form Dollar tree
  • Deco mesh double foil 10in
  • Elf Doll
  • Festive ribbon
  • Other festive decorations you want to add


First, unravel all the materials from the Witch Hat Form Dollar Tree. Strip the form down to its bare frame.
Cover the frame with a red velvet ribbon. Use a two and a half-inch wire edged ribbon. Starting from the bottom, punch a hole on the ribbon and tie it securely to the frame. Wrap the ribbon around the frame carefully, fixing any buckles or uneven pieces. If you have trouble with the frame’s pieces sticking out, trim them with scissors for a smoother surface. Cut green pipe cleaners in half and use them to make ruffles along the bottom of the hat. Tie the ruffles to the frame with a zip tie. Attach elf doll.  Add some bells to the bottom of the hat for a festive touch.


10. Wreath Within a Wreath

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
Instead of just one wreath – make this Christmas wreath inside a wreath.


11. 3 Little Birds

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
Not only is this a nice wreath for January but also for February too – especially with the little red birds nestled among the greenery. Additionally you could turn it into a Valentine’s Day wreath by adding red hearts for example.

12. Gingerbread Men

10+ Christmas Wreath Ideas
Last but not least is this adorable Santa Hat Wreath featuring Ginger bread Men and Candy Canes. Contrary to what some think, you don’t have to have a Candy Land them to incorporate Gingerbread men into your Christmas Decorating. Above all, it’s your decor so you can choose what you like.

Christmas Party Game

See the Printable on Etsy


  1. Do you sell these or do you have instructions somewhere?

  2. Janice E. Harrison

    I would like instructions #’s 13 and 16 if possible please.

    • Hi Janice, thanks for visiting. If you click the link for the instructions under #13 it brings you to a youtube video which shows you how to make similar. For #16 you’ll need a wreath base as well as felt Nativity figures which are hot glued on. Hope that helps ! Bev 🙂

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