Cheap and Easy Christmas Decor Ideas

Make your own festive decorations this year with these Christmas decor ideas that will not only save you money but they will also make your place look spectacular for the occasion. Welcome guests with a festive and cheery wreath inspired by Disney or make a modern wall art Christmas tree entirely from lights.

1. Mickey Mouse Wreath

Mickey Mouse Wreath
If you love Disney – then make a wreath they would be proud of – without actually having to take a trip to Disney World. You’ll need three wreath bases and pine garland to cover. Wrap the garland around each wreath then position to resemble Mickey Mouse and secure with garland. Now you are ready to decorate it with ornaments.
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2. Santa Belt Pillow

Santa Belt Pillow
Very simply made using red fabric which is sewn into a square. Add black sparkly fabric for the belt and a white centre for Santa’s trim.
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3. Hot Cocoa Centerpiece

Hot Cocoa Centerpiece
This will look great anywhere in your home. You’ll need a clear cup, some brown acrylic paint, cotton balls and a pipe cleaner for the straw. Begin by swirling the paint around the cup until all you see is chocolate brown. Once dry, add the cotton balls for “marshmallows” and the pipe cleaner for your straw.
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4. Spoon Tree

Spoon Tree
All you need to make this is some plastic spoons , green card stock and green spray paint. Make the card into a cone and cut some length off the spoons. Begin to glue around the cone, spray paint and then decorate as you like.
source youtube

5. Burlap Candy Canes

To recreate this rustic look – wrap dollar store plastic canes in burlap and embellish with bells, pine cones and greenery.

6. Mickey Mouse Vine Wreath

Mickey Mouse Vine Wreath
This is a more rustic version of the version we saw earlier – you’ll need two smaller wreaths and a bigger one as well as embellishments to recreate this look.

7. Christmas Lights Tree

Christmas Lights Tree
If you are lacking the space for a tree but still want the festive lights – then use lights to shape a tree on your wall – a very handy way to save space and money.

8. Burlap Trees

Burlap Trees
Get different fabrics such as jute and cone trees to make this simple but elegant decor idea.

9. Paper Chain Tree

Paper Chain Tree
Paper chains make for a great craft to make with the kids – and you can make this tree to pop on their bedroom wall or door for a cheap decoration that they can make themselves.

10. Fence Post Snowmen

Fence Post Snowmen
Make these adorable snowmen using scrap bits of wood such as old fence posts and this decor idea can be reused every year so it gets a thumbs up for the cheap and cheerful factor..

11. Bauble Centerpiece

Bauble Centerpiece
Fill two vases with epsom salt (to resemble snow) and add ornaments and pine cones to recreate this look. The best part is – you can choose those color ornaments that tie into your overall festive decor scheme.

12. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland
A very simple and cheap way to decorate is to go with the theme of winter wonderland. Simply purchase a bunch of white decorations and layer up.

13. Cloche Candle Holders

Cloche Candle Holders
This is such a simple and cheap idea. With dollar store wine glasses you can make these cute candle holders or centerpieces for your table. Turn the glass upside down, add colorful ornaments and place your pillar candles on top. You can pop these on a dollar store mirror for extra sparkle.

14. Lit Garland

Lit Garland
Add warmth to your hall by making a garland from green tinsel and add red bows and fairy lights.

15. Snowman Door

Snowman Door
Transform your door into a friendly snowman with black and orange card stock. Begin by cutting big circles in black for the eyes and smaller ones for the buttons and smile. Cut out a carrot shape from the orange card stock for the nose  and stick them to your door. You can make a scarf by cutting out a strip that goes across the door and two smaller ones to make the ties for the scarf.

16. Bauble Garland

Bauble Garland
To recreate this pretty idea, simply string shiny baubles at different lengths in your window.

17. Log Snowmen

Log Snowmen
These rustic snowmen will look great anywhere around the house. Simply use logs to form them and branches make their arms.

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