DIY Dollar Store Christmas Gift Ideas

Every year, we look to get special tokens for those we love to celebrate the festive season. Many worry that their cash won’t stretch to include everyone on their list – but remember it’s the thought that counts. If you are on a fixed income or budget you will be trying to find creative ways to give presents this year. Don’t waste a fortune on gifts that aren’t special – check out these Dollar Store Christmas Gift Ideas that will melt anyone’s heart.

Dollar Store Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Uplifting Quote Sign

Uplifting Quote Sign
This sign will look great on any room and is super easy to make. Grab a dollar store plate and some decals. Place the decals where you want them and voila – a thoughtful gift that anyone would love to receive.
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2. Man Mug

Man Mug
With just a few supplies this gift in a jar is easy and cheap to make. Get a mason jar and place a tie and some socks inside. Complete with a festive bow to finish the look.
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3.Pampering Gift Basket

Pampering Gift Basket
All the supllies for this are bought at the dollar store and everybody would love a nice pampering gift like this.
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4. Monogram Wreath

Monogram Wreath
This is a great gift to give any time of year and all you need is a wreath, a letter and some vine.
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5. Candy Truck

Candy Truck
This semi truck made of candy works great as a Christmas gift for neighbors, kids and colleagues. You’ll need dollar store candy boxes and candy canes which are then hot glue gunned together.

6. Mickey Mouse Frame

Mickey Mouse Frame
For the Disney fan in your life , you’ll need a picture frame, glass candle stick, and bookmarks which are combined to make this cute Mickey Mouse frame.

7. Cookies

A cookie kit in a mug will be a hit with the cookie monsters in your life.

8. Personalized Plate

Personalized Plate
With a plate from the dollar store you can write any message with a drawing using a sharpie marker and then bake at 150 degrees for 30 minutes.

9. Movie Theme Gift Basket

Movie Theme Gift Basket
Who doesn’t love going to the cinema. Well now you can give them the experience in a basket – include treats and a dvd and don’t forget the popcorn!

10. Snowglobe

This is a super cheap and easy, cute Christmas gift to make and one that can be kept forever. Glue a dollar store tree to the lid of a jar. Fill the jar 1/4 of the way with fake snow and 3/4 with water. Stick the lid on with tree attached and you have a homemade snow globe.

11. Personalized Mug

Personalized Mug
Decorate a mug with paint marker for ceramic and glass surfaces. Fill it with a bag of assorted tea bags. It makes a lovely teacher gift for any time of the year.

12. Basket of Goodies

Basket of Goodies

13. Gift Card Tree

Gift Card Tree
This idea is perfect for teenagers or the person who is hard to buy for. Use craft foam, kabob sticks and hot glue to make the tree.

14. Makeup Basket

Makeup Basket
All items for this can be bought at the dollar store and it’s such a cute gift basket idea for little girls that like playing dress up.

15. Teal Basket

Teal Basket

16. Girly Gift Basket

Teal Basket

17. Picture Wreath

Picture Wreath
You’ll need picture frames, and a wreath to recreate this. Paint a wooden letter pf the initial of the person you are giving it to for the middle to hang and attach it with jute from the back.

18. Candy Jars

Candy Jars
A great idea if you have to make multiple presents such as for coworkers for example. It’s super easy and cheap to make too. You’ll need mason jars which are then filled with candy and toys from the dollar store. Embellish with some fabric under the ring and add a gift tag.

19. Spa Themed

Spa Themed
This gift basket can be made for about $10. Include supplies such as a loofah, microfiber washcloths, microfiber facial scrubbers, soap rose petals, rose scented bath salts, vanilla candle, eye mask, pumice stone and a nail scrubber.

20. Car Care Hamper

Car Care Hamper
This is a great gift for the men in your life like your father for example. Fill a basket with car wash and detailing products! This is great for any occasion such as birthdays or anniversaries.

21. Baking Gift Basket

Baking Gift Basket
If you know someone who loves to bake then this is the gift for them.

22. Cookie Kits

Cookie Kits
Purchase some pit holders and oven mitts at the dollar store and add a cookie mix of your choice.

Christmas Party Game

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  1. Hi, Please can you tell me how did you get the cookie monster on the mixing bowl?

    • Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for contacting us! The cookie monster bowl is a combination of a large measuring jug (at least) 2 liters and a cookie monster decal that is used for mixers. Here are the links to sample products on Amazon. The decal is 7 inches wide, so make sure the jug is wider.
      Measuring Jug

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