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Easy Valentines Day Eye Makeup Step by Step

    So you’ve got a date or you’re trying to catch someone’s eye on February 14th. Valentine’s day Makeup is a a very important part of the evening. Keeping your eyebrows and eyeliner on fleek is probably a priority and having stylish makeup which not only highlights this but also doesn’t get smudged all evening is your goal. Either way, the best step forward is to make sure you look smoking hot – we’ve rounded up some of the best Valentines Day Eye Makeup looks to get you started.

    Whether you wish to don berry lips or you want that to go all Hearty Eyes like the emoji for Valentine’s day, here are your ideal options for Cupid’s favorite day. Remember having your lips just the way you want them will entice your sweety to want to kiss them – and that’s a Valentine’s smooch in the bag for you. So pucker up and dare to try one of these flirty looks.

    1. Burgundy

    The deep color of burgundy evokes passion and romance, so this will really impress on the evening.

    2. Creamy Purple

    Creamy Purple
    For a more feminine and soft look , soft purple is a great way to go. Try adding some glitter to the lids for extra glamour.

    3. Glitter Hearts

    Glitter Hearts
    Make a striking statement with glitter hearts.This fun makeup look will really set hearts fluttering.

    4. Lip Whip

    Lip Whip
    Get their attention on you with lips that are sassy and bold. Perfect your eyebrows with brow makeup to complete the look.

    5. Love Struck

    Love Struck

    6. Luscious Red

    Luscious Red
    Lips always look great in this traditional lipstick color.

    7. Mauve


    8. Purple Perfection

    Purple Perfection

    9. Queen of Hearts

    Queen of Hearts
    Be the queen of his heart with this quirky look.

    10. Ruby Red

    Ruby Red
    Adding some glitter to your eyes will really make them pop like a ruby gem.

    11. Shine


    12. Heart Lid

    Heart Lid
    To recreate this look you’ll need gold glitter, Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette and nyx matte liquid liner
    source instagram

    13. Heart Beat

    Heart Beat
    Show them that you have a heart of gold with this stunning look – you could use different shades of gold depending on what you like best.
    source instagram

    14. Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel TowerNothing like Paris most iconic building to conjure up the romance.
    source instagram

    15. Key to my Heart

    Key to my Heart
    When people are in love, they gaze into each other’s eyes. Show them to key to your heart is in your eyes with this inspired llok.
    source instagram

    16. Pixel Heart

    Pixel Heart
    Channel your inner gamer with this cute idea.

    17. Gold Queen

    Gold Queen
    Try this look for a royal flush.

    18. Ice Queen

    Ice Queen
    If you love Disney’s Frozen, then this look will surely please your heart.

    20. Pink Hearts

    Pink Hearts
    Go a little wild with this patterned heart makeup.

    21. Valentines Makeup

    See the Printable on Etsy

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