DIY Halloween Makeup for Women

The essence of Halloween lies in the clever use of makeup to transform yourself into something magical or spooky. Whatever you decide to be , take inspiration from these awesome DIY Halloween Makeup ideas that will make you the trick-or-treater of the year.

You can choose to go any direction with your Halloween makeup – for example you could choose fantastical creatures such as unicorns or you could transform yourself into a spooky pumpkin. Whatever you choose, you are sure to get some inspiration from the ideas below. Happy haunting !

Halloween Makeup Ideas

1. Unicorn Makeup

Capture the ethereal magic of the unicorn with this awesome Halloween makeup look. It’s especially great for those that love to wear glitter.
source Unicorn Makeup

2. Mermaid Makeup

Transform into a fantastical creature such as the mermaid with bright makeups in blues and purples and using fishnet tights for your pattern.
source monicarosemua

3. Coraline Makeup

Recreate the character from this dark animation to freak out guests at your fright night party.
source ellimacs

4. Pennywise

Try your hands at this glammed up version of the characer from the IT movie.
source youtube

5. Zombie Dentist

Things could get a little bloody if you go to this dentist for a checkup.
source instagram

6. Devil Vs Angel

So, which one are you ? With this clever makup look you don’t have to choose if you’ll be nice or naughty this Halloween.
source leslieaileen_

7. Extreme Melt Makeup

If you have the patience – try and recreate this !
source mimles

8. Hook Face

This is a really good one to frighten everyone and it’s a fantastic illusion – no one will ever know your tricking them!

9. Coraline’s Other Mother

With the right makeup – make yourself look as creepy as the other mother from Coraline.
source youtube

10. Ghost

If ghosts are the things of nightmares – then this makeup look goes one step above.

11. Melting Skull

halloween makeup looks scary
If you are fed up of the usual skull face paint then this twist is perfect to try out – and there’s no need for a costume you can just team it with a black outfit to look great.
source youtube

12. Masquerade Flesh Mask

awesome halloween makeup tutorials
This tutorial teaches you how to make a masquerade flesh mask and the mask represents the torn off part of your face. Start with a blank white eye mask and then apply scar wax. Now you can paint the mask in the color of your skin tone.
source youtube

13. Wonder Woman

With the recent Hollywood release of this film, wonder woman has increased in popularity so this is a great and powerful look to wear on fright night.
source rahmanbeauty

14. Mermaid

This colorful take on the mermaid is achieved with bright colors applied to the chheks over fishnet tights for the pattern.
source youtube

15. Pumpkin

When you cross a pumpkin with a skull – this is what you get.

16. Medusa

You’ll need to purchase plenty of fake snakes and spray paint them gold to get this look.

17. Lion

If you want to go for cute over creepy then this is a great look for you .

18. The Joker

The Joker
The joke won’t be on you when your Halloween makeup looks this good!

19. Sugar Skull

You really can’t go wrong with any kind of sugar skull look for fright night.

20. Spider Eye

Make it look like the spider got your eye!

21. Skeleton

The contouring on this look is amazing!

22. Heaven & Hell

Heaven & Hell

23. Black & White Skeleton

Black & White Skeleton
Instructions Black & White Skeleton

24. Mummy

Get bandaged and become a Mummy.

25. Red Heart Freckles

Red Heart Freckles
Inject the romance into Halloween with red heart freckles.

26. Black & Orange Halloween Makeup

Black & Orange Halloween Makeup
Embrace the colors of Halloween with this look.

27. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Create a blue explosion on your face to look like Violet from the film Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.
source instagram

28. Zombie Nun

Zombie Nun

29. Maleficent


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