DIY Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers

When the year is drawing to an end, we begin to think of all the people in our lives who’ve been great throughout the year. Our minds turn to thinking of little presents to thank these special people. If you going to an office party over the festive season – you’ll want to bring some tokens of appreciation. You can be budget friendly and craft the gifts yourself. Take inspiration from these stunning Christmas Gifts for Coworkers that you can give to colleagues, teachers, friends and even neighbors.

1. Chocolate Snowmen

Chocolate Snowmen
Transform chocolate bars into snowmen with fuzzy socks as hats.

2. Purse Size Hand Sanitizes

Purse Size Hand Sanitizes
Purse size hand sanitizes tucked inside a pair of gloves, roll the wrists together. Tie ribbon just under the wrist bands. An inexpensive useful holiday gift for that, teacher, co-worker, bus driver, mail man etc.

3.Oreo Elf Shoe

Oreo Elf Shoe
Make this super cute Oreo Elf Shoe by filling a treat bag with sandwich cookies and then attach a cute elf shoe made from card around the bottom. You can write a sweet message here.

4. Baileys Hot Chocolate

Baileys Hot Chocolate
Make Your Own Spiked Hot Chocolate gift. Hot cocoa powder Mini semi sweet chocolate chips Mini marshmallows Crushed candy canes Layer in a mason jar. Just add hot water and Baileys Irish Cream

5. Hello Kitty Twix-mas Tree

Hello Kitty Twix-mas Tree

6. Reindeer Soda

Reindeer Soda
All that and a bag of chips + reindeer soda. To make the reindeer soda – you’ll need a bottled drink, brown pipe cleaners, medium sized googly eyes and red pom poms. Place in a cute container and you’re done.

7. Poppin’


8. Secret Pal Gift

Secret Pal Gift

9. Mini Wine

Mini Wine
Christmas Employee Gifts- wine glass from the dollar store Sutter home individual wine bottle. Purchase the Cabernet Sauvignon for the “red” cap and tie with an up-cycled homemade/painted ornament. Each total cost of approximately $2.

10. Spa in a Jar

Spa in a Jar
Make these “Spa In A Jar” gifts with an up-cycled mason jar. Supplies to put inside include: Mini Lufa, Lotion, Chapstick, Fingernail Polish, Polish Remover Pads, Shower Gel, Hand Sanitizer, & a Facial Mask. Personalize them by writing their names on the top of the colored paper & a personalized note on the bottom that only they will see.

11. Gingerbread Cake Kit

Gingerbread Cake Kit
For an easy and cute Christmas gift for coworkers – purchase a gingerbread man shaped tin and cake mix.

12. Cookies and Creme

Cookies and Creme
Cookies and creme with Shea creme from satin hands. This is a hit for the teachers, friends and family in your life!

13. Christmas Baskets

Christmas baskets
Christmas baskets for staff. Small Yankee candles with a gift card hot glued on candy canes hot glued together to make a heart and some fun Christmas treats hidden inside. Small treat trays were bought in a three pack and red and green confetti was placed on the bottom. A nice little Christmas Thank you for teachers, staff, etc.

14. Starbucks Gift Card

Starbucks Gift Card
Simple Starbucks gift card idea. All you need is the card of your choice, a short Starbucks cup and lid, and brown paper straw (for coffee filler around card). A nice alternative to an envelope/sleeve.

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