DIY Floral Wedding Hoop

A DIY  Floral Wedding Hoop  will really add a whimsical touch to your wedding. It’s so easy to make and can be used for backdrops or even centerpieces on your big day. If you want to make them bigger – use hula hoops instead. You’ll need a Tomato Cage to extract three rings from , some Copper Spray Paint , Copper Wire and some Faux Flowers. Start by spray painting the rings and allow to dry. Once dry you can arrange the three rings in whatever position you like and attach them in place using copper wire. Now you are ready to add your flowers. You could also mix fairy lights through them to give them an even more whimsical feel. Indeed you can use these hoops for other occasions too such as birthdays or showers for example. Keep to a budget with Dollar Store Wedding Decoration Ideas

Floral Hoop Wedding Centerpieces


Floral Hoop Table Centerpiece

Floral Hoop Wedding Centerpieces
Evidently, garden inspired centerpieces really add a beautiful touch to wedding decor. Here, a hula hoop has been painted white and foliage and flowers have been glued on to make this very pretty centerpiece.

Hula Hoop Turned Centerpiece

Floral Hoop Wedding Centerpieces
To make a golden ring, you can either use gold tape around a hula hoop or simply spray paint it gold for the same effect. Not only can this be used for weddings, but also this is a great one for all sorts of parties from showers to birthdays. Moreover, you can keep this special piece for years to come and use it time and time again.

Spring Floral Hoops

Floral Hoop Wedding Centerpieces
To recreate this look, suspend a hula hoop from a rail and use hang clear candle ornaments at different heights within this. Additionally you could add other light sources such as battery operated fairy lights for example.

Minimal Floral Rings

Floral Hoop Wedding Centerpieces
Clearly, this design screams wedding decor. Begin by spray painting three hula hoops gold and once dry you can attach your floral arrangement how you want to recreate this idea. Along with this, you can play with scale and size by using three differently sized rings for example.

Floral Wedding Hoop

Floral Hoop Wedding Centerpieces
Importantly, you can make an impact with this dramatic ring which is wrapped with faux grass and roses. Then you can suspend it from the ceiling. Following this, you can hang little lanterns from fish wire to complete the look.

We’ve included this video from Oh Youre Lovely to show you how you can make your own Floral Wedding Hoop.

Hula Hoop Wreath

Floral Hoop Wedding Centerpieces
Unlike a traditional wreath – you can make this pretty wreath for your door by wrapping jute or twine around a hula hoop and adding flowers where you want them.

Red Roses

Floral Hoop Wedding Centerpieces
Last but not least – add passion by layering red roses onto the base of the hoop. This would make a wonderful piece for a Valentines themed event.

Hula Hoop Chandelier – Wrapp in burlap first, then take small zipties and attach the lights and flower garland to the hoop then just use twine to hang it with. Once it’s up , put honey suckle vine along the rope and let it hang down into the hoop. Once night comes and the lights are turned on it will look beautiful!
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