DIY Fathers Day Gifts from Baby Projects

Make this Father’s Day unforgettable for dad with these creative DIY gift ideas! Bond with your little one by creating a collage together or capturing their tiny handprints in adorable art pieces. These heartfelt gifts are perfect for Father’s Day, but don’t forget to save these ideas for birthdays and Christmas too. Give dad something truly special and sentimental that will remind him of the love and joy he brings to your family every day.
7 Adorable Fathers Day Crafts

1. Hooked on Dad

7 Adorable Fathers Day Crafts
Make a footprint and hand print by putting blue paint on baby’s foot and orange paint on baby’s hand. To make this craft, you’ll need :

  • Canvas
  • Various Craft Paints
  • Small Paper Plate
  • Baby Wipes

Begin by having your child dip their foot in blue paint and press down on the left side of the canvas. Use a baby wipe to clean the foot. Then paint your child’s hand with the orange paint and press down on the right side of the canvas. Take another wipe to clean the hand. Allow the paint to dry on the canvas. Finally turn the hand print into a fish by adding eyes and draw in a fishing rod. Paint the phrase “Hooked on Dad”.

2. Future Hunting Buddy

7 Adorable Fathers Day Crafts
Transform your little one’s handprint into an adorable deer for Father’s Day! Simply dip their hand in brown paint to make the print and use a marker to draw on antlers. Don’t forget to add the special message “Future Hunting Buddy” for an extra touch of cuteness. Dad will love this heartfelt craft from his mini hunting companion.

3. I Love You Daddy

7 Adorable Fathers Day Crafts
Create heartfelt Father’s Day gifts with hand and foot prints! Get your little one involved by placing red paint on their feet and printing a heart shape for this meaningful DIY craft. Easy and sentimental, it’s the perfect way to show Dad your love.

4. Papas BBQ Plate

7 Adorable Fathers Day Crafts
Make this Father’s Day one to remember by creating a thoughtful and personalized gift for the special fathers and grandfathers in your life. Bring out their love for grilling and make their hearts melt with a unique handcrafted plate. Simply purchase a white plate and have the kids add their colorful handprints to it. It’s a simple yet meaningful gesture that will surely bring a smile to their faces.

5. Walk with Me

7 Adorable Fathers Day Crafts
Use the adorable imprint of your baby’s feet on rustic burlap and pair it with the touching ‘Walk with Me’ poem and a cherished photo. This thoughtful and unique piece will warm Dad’s heart and remind him of the special bond between him and his little one.

6. Daddy’s Biggest Fan

7 Adorable Fathers Day Crafts
This is such a cute Father’s Day idea for toddlers. Cut paper plate sized circles from poster board, then draw the seams on with a red sharpie. Help the children add their handprints. You could also do it on an actual baseball, and buy a clear plastic case for it for dad to keep on his desk.

7. Little Princess

7 Adorable Fathers Day Crafts
Keep daddy’s little princess close to his heart by capturing her handprints forever on this sweet art. Create a pink bodice from card stock and let her print her hands to complete the skirt.


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