DIY Baby Shower Ideas for Boys on a Budget

If there’s a special little bundle coming your way then you’ll be looking for ways to celebrate. But, don’t worry you don’t have to spend a fortune on the occasion – these budget worthy baby shower ideas will make sure of that. You can whip up cupcakes to make them into tear apart cakes that will feed an army of guests and make ruber duckie punch that is sure to quench even the thirstiest of crew.

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

1. Floating Bear

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
Create an interesting backdrop with a selection of balloons in ombré shades of blue to gold and hook a teddy bear to the wall as if floating from the balloons.

2. Cupcake Rattle

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
This irresistible cupcake cake is sure to delight your guests and is a breeze to create. Just draw a rattle outline on a Cake Board, adding a fun diagonal touch, and then arrange your cupcakes into the shape. Secure them together with some delicious frosting and your party will be a hit

3. Rubber Duckie Punch

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
Make a splash at your baby boy shower with this adorable Baby Blue Punch featuring rubber ducks! This thirst-quenching concoction is sure to delight your guests with its refreshing and easy-to-sip flavor.
To whip up this knock-out punch, simply combine Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid and sugar in a large bowl. Then, for an extra fizzy kick, add in some chilled Sprite and stir until the sugar is fully dissolved. The last step is to add the rubber ducks! (make sure they float – and don’t forget to wash before using)

Baby Shower Printable Bingo


4. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
These make great favors for your shower. Dip pretzels in blue candy melts and drizzle with  white chocolate and blue sprinkles. This would also work great for any  nautical themed party.
What you’ll need:
– Pretzel rods
– Melting chocolate
– Sprinkles

1. Melt the chocolate according to the package instructions.
2. Dip each pretzel rod into the melted chocolate, making sure it’s covered evenly.
3. Use a spatula to remove any extra chocolate.
4. Place the pretzel rods on parchment paper.
5. Before the chocolate dries, add your favorite toppings like sprinkles or crushed nuts.
6. Let the chocolate cool until it’s hard.
7. Arrange the pretzel rods on a fancy tray or wrap them individually for cute favors.

5. Big Blocks

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
Big blocks that say BABY in blue & white can be placed anywhere and are made from 12×12 boxes which are then wrapped and the letters added.
Make your own giant letter blocks for a cute and cheap decoration at your baby shower! Here’s how:

1. Get some strong cardboard boxes and cover them with pretty paper.
2. Buy or cut out letters that spell out “baby” or the baby’s name.
3. Use glue to stick the letters onto the blocks.
4. You can put the blocks together as the main decoration or spread them around the room.

6. Elephant Baby Shower

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
Celebrate with a joyful elephant-themed baby shower. Inspired by the beloved film Dumbo, these playful theme is sure to bring a sense of whimsy and wonder to your special day. So gather your loved ones and get ready to shower your little bundle of joy with love and all things elephant!

7. Tulle Covered Balloons

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
Looking to make your baby boy shower centerpieces stand out? Look no further than this simple yet delightful idea: cover balloons in tulle for a gorgeous and eye-catching look. Not only does it add a touch of elegance, but it’s also an easy and affordable option.

8. Ready to Pop

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
Looking for a fun and affordable baby shower favor idea for a baby boy? Look no further than these DIY ready-to-pop popcorn favors! Perfect for a movie-themed or circus-themed shower, these treats are easy to make and sure to please. Simply fill a treat bag with popped popcorn and top it off with a cute printable ‘Ready to Pop’ label. Your guests will love these tasty and adorable favors that are as fun to make as they are to eat.

9. Shower Pin

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
Get creative with your baby boy shower gifts! Show your love for the mom-to-be, grandma, and aunt by making a beautiful pin using ribbons and card stock. Elevate the look by incorporating a faux flower and a personalized “mommy” tag. Simply cut the ribbon into strips, hot glue them onto the back of the flower, and attach the tag. Then secure everything with a safety pin for a unique and meaningful gift.

10. Late Night Diapers

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
Late Nights Made Fun: Add Humor and Encouragement to Diaper Changes! Calling all parents-to-be and baby shower guests! Are you ready to make late night diaper changes a little more entertaining? By writing witty or uplifting messages on diapers, you can not only make the midnight routine more enjoyable, but also show your support for the new parents. So grab a marker and get creative, because this simple yet thoughtful activity will surely be a hit at the baby boy shower. Let’s make those late nights a bit more bearable!

11. Sprinkles Favors

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
Add some flavor to your baby shower with this adorable sprinkle favor idea! All you need are a few items from the Dollar store: salt and pepper shakers filled with candy sprinkles. It’s a sweet and budget-friendly way to thank your guests for celebrating with you.

12. From Our Shower to Yours

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
A chalkboard sign is a must for any party especially when you want to present a favor table to instruct guests to take their thank you gifts. Give guests some treats for their bathroom with a tag “From Our Shower to Yours”.

13. Onesie Guestbook

12+ Budget Baby Shower Ideas for Boys
Welcome to the baby shower clothes line sign-in board! Create a personalized keepsake by signing in with a onesie cutout made from beautiful scrapbook card stock, attached with mini clothespins. Simply hang them on an open frame, using string and mini clothespins for a charming display.

Baby Shower Printable Games

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  1. How big is the cake board for the baby rattle cupcakes?

    • Hi Judy, Thanks for contacting us! You can purchase the board here the cupcakes are arranged on the diagonal, and you can then have room to write a little message.

  2. How do you make #9 shower pin step by step?

    • Hi Lex, thanks for contacting us! For the shower pin, you can buy a faux flower and some ribbon of your choice. Cut the ribbon into strips and hot glue onto the back of the flower. Add a ‘mommy’ tag and then secure with a safety pin!

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