Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games

If you are expecting the arrival of a bundle of joy – then you will most likely have a party planned. If you want to make sure your guests have a blast – then look no further! We’ve handpicked the most hilarious and fun baby shower games that are perfect for large groups. From testing diaper changing times with dolls to personalized bingo, these games are guaranteed to keep everyone entertained and create memories that will last a lifetime. Check out these ways to keep your guests entertained which are some of the funniest baby shower games ever!

1. Don’t Say Baby

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
Get a basket of pink clothespins, each person pins three to their outfit  Рif they say baby , steal a pin. The person with the most pins left wins the game. Try a printable version.

Baby Shower Printable Bingo


2. Guess the Belly Size

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
Buy a ball of pink yarn and scissors. Get your guests to guestimate the size of your tummy. The winner gets to hug mom’s bump.


3. Speed of Change

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
Test your nappy changing speed against another contestant. Organize a table with baby dolls, diapers, wipes, and baby powder. Each person must remove the doll’s diaper, wipe and powder its bottom, and place a new diaper on it. Set the timer. The race is on!


4. Cast Your Vote Baby Shower Games

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
Cover a tissue box in pink and blue paper. Cut out slips in pink and blue and tell people to write their name on the back of their slip. Bet on the sex of baby – this is also great for a gender reveal party. Try these printable cards to help start your voting box

Dont Say 'Baby' Game for Baby Showers

Dont Say ‘Baby’ Game for Baby Showers

by CastleRandom

5. Dough Babies

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
You’ll love this hilarious game! Get several brightly colored containers of play dough and have your guests sculpt their best baby. The Mom-to-Be will pick her favorite baby!

6. Baby Babble

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
Scramble up baby related words and make copies of the list for each of your guests. Give them a couple of minutes and whoever is first to unscramble all or most of the words in the time slot – wins. Get the printable word scramble here

7. Separation Anxiety

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
With 1 hand tied behind your back, player must dump cup into bowl of candies tale and separate them into the corresponding color container. You must put 15 of each color candy into coordinating container within 1 minute to earn 5 points. If you do not get all 4 colors separated with at least 15 candies in each cup OR you get a wrong color in the cup, you do NOT receive 5 points. You have 1 minute for this challenge. Get a print-out of the directions. 

8. Pin the Poop on the Diaper

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
Get a white poster board and poop emoji post it notes to make this game up. You can also try a printable pin poo on diaper version

9. Place Your Bets

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
Have guests put a dollar or two in a jar to play this fun game. Bet on the date baby will be born – the closest wins the pot!

10. Ice Ice Baby

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
Purchase tiny dolls that can fit into an ice cube tray. Make up your batches of ice babies. Dispatch them to your guests and the first one that melts has to shout “My water broke”.

11. Guess the Baby Food

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
Get five jars of different flavored baby food. Wrap them according to your theme such as pink for a girl. Number them one to five with matching cards for guests to write their answers. Winner gets a cake. Purchase the printable here.

12. Diaper Pong

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games
A different take on beer pong but equally as fun. You’ll need a Tri-Fold Poster Board as well as Nappies and contestants have to get the Ping Pong Ball into each of the bullseye nappies.

13. Diaper Pong Rules

12+ Super Fun Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Printable Games

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