DIY Halloween Candy Jars

DIY Halloween Candy Jars

Halloween is all about candy, crafting and trick or treating. If you are making a gift basket – a candy jar is a great addition. You can easily make your own with just a few supplies and kids will love helping out.

Make a Halloween candy jar with a Terra Cotta Pot, saucer, a glass bowl and wooden knob. It’s great fun to make with the kids and it’s ideal for decorating and showing off your spoils from trick or treating. What’s more – it’s cheap to make.

Halloween Candy Jars

Halloween Candy Jars
This collection of jars would make great gifts to give to teachers and classmates.

How adorable are these Witches?!

Halloween bubble gum dish
Black and orange are traditional colors to use for Halloween crafts.

Ghost Candy Dish
We’re sure the ghost on this jar is as friendly as Casper.

Halloween Candy Jar

We have included this video tutorial from Crafty Treat Adventures to show you how they made their Halloween Candy Jar.

Candycorn Candy Dish
You could fill this candy corn themed jar with candy corn sweets too.

Terra Cotta candy jar

Jack and Sally candy dishes

Halloween Jar

Jack O Lantern candy dish

See the Printable on Etsy

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