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3 Tier St Patricks Day Tray

    3 Tier St Patrick’s Day Tray

    With St Patrick’s Day right around the corner – it’s time to turn your house green. You will want to put festive decorations around the house to show your love of the day with this celebration of all things Irish. You can make shamrocks from green paper or how about putting up bunting of Irish flags? If you want to make a centerpiece for the kitchen you could go with a tiered tray which is hugely popular. The best thing about tiered trays is that they can be used to decorate for every season – just switch out the decorations to match the occasion. For example, Easter eggs for Easter and pine cones for fall.

    Transform a 3 tiered tray into a decorative piece that any leprechaun would be proud of by adorning each tier with items including shamrocks, green beads and gold coins. You could also use this idea for a leprechaun trap.

    Buy Gold and Green Beads
    st patricks day tiered tray
    Gold and green beads adorn this magical tray.

    Buy Wood Two-Tier Tray
    st patricks day tiered tray
    Time to get your green on with this stunning tiered tray decor. The wood brings a real warmth to the look.
    source pinterest

    Buy Black Three-Tier Tray
    st patricks day tiered tray
    That rock with the bejeweled shamrock is really eye catching and perfect for the day.
    source pinterest

    We’ve included this video from The Farmer and The Southern Belle to show you how you can decorate your own Tray for St Patrick’s Day.


    Buy 3 Tier Galvanized Tray
    St Patricks Day three tiered centerpiece
    Choc full of shamrocks – this tray is sure to keep the leprechauns happy!

    Saint Patrick’s Day Tray
    Get the luck of the Irish by adding a lucky sign to your tray decor.

    Decorated St. Patrick’s Day 3 tiered stand
    Adding a little green plant and white flowers are great accents for your tray.

    Decorated St. Patrick’s Day stand
    Do you spot the adorable little leprechaun house on the bottom layer?!

    St. Patrick's Day, Spring, Easter Tray
    This clever person has incorporated Easter items such as eggs and bunnies so that the tray is ready to switch out for the next occasion.

    Buy Shamrock Lights
    St Patricks Day 3 tier stand
    The little shamrock lights are adorable and bring this tray to life in the dark.

    St Patrick’s Day Tiered Tray
    Remember to add a rainbow so the leprechaun can find his gold!

    st patricks day tiered tray
    How awesome is the lucky shoehorn!

    St pats tiered tray
    source pinterest

    st patricks day tiered tray
    source pinterest

    Buy Irish Flag
    st patricks day tiered tray
    The little Irish flag at the top is just too cute!
    source pinterest

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