Easy DIY Harry Potter Nails Designs

If you are a devout fan of all things Hogwarts – then these Harry Potter Nails will have you truly spellbound. The best thing is these talons aren’t just for Halloween because these magical creations will look great on your tips any time. So get ready to cast a spell and get inspired.

1. Dark mark nails

Harry Potter Nails


Harry Potter Nails

3. Symbols

Harry Potter Nails

4. Simple Elegance

Harry Potter Nails
Zoe Moore’s stunning harry potter nails – So simple yet so pretty.

5. Harry Potter nail

Harry Potter Nails

6. Harry & Friends

Harry & Friends
If you want to recreate cartoon nails, this look is perfect.  The cute little faces of Ron, Harry and Hermione are painted with acrylic paint and the little finger and thumb have base coats of white.
source instagram

7. Harry Potter Hufflepuff Nails

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Nails
Show some love for Hufflepuff with these bright yellow nails.

8. Harry’s Wand

Harry's Wand
Perfect to create enchanting fingertips with Harrys’ patronus charm. You’ll start with a base polish of black and a fine tip brush with white acrylic paint to paint Harry. Follow the instructions in the tutorial to recreate this epic mani.
source youtube

9. Hedwig

Hedwig has never looked cuter than tucked among other Harry Potter symbols painted on the nails.

10. Hufflepuff

Make a statement with black stripes on gold to really impress Potter fans.

11. In the Dark

In the Dark
All black nails are perfect for witchcraft and wizardry.

12. Magical Medley

Magical Medley

13. Potter Shine

Potter Shine
source instagram

14. Seeing Stripes

Seeing Stripes

15. Set in Stars

Set in Stars

16. Spellbound


17. Turquoise Delight

Turquoise Delight
Even the shade of teal can be made Harry Potter appropriate with the right symbols painted over it.

18. Remembrall

This mani is so cute and easy to do. You’ll need a base coat in ruby red and gold for the detail.

19. All 4 Houses

All 4 Houses
Easily recreated with primary colors of blue, red and yellow – your talons won’t fail to delight with this design. Add a touch of magic by painting the thumb nail in a black glitter polish.
source neenie

20. Black & White

Black & White
Make a striking statement with just black and white nail polish.This fun mani pretty much sums up Harry Potter. The most telling pasrt is the ‘HP’ symbol, and of course the lightning bolt.

21. Colorful Cocktail

Colorful Cocktail
Paint the colors of the 4 houses on each of your nails and finish with a silver tip.

22. Deathly Hallows

Deathly Hallows

23. Gryffindor

The gold looks striking when contrasted with the white nail polish and Gryffindor as a feature nail.

See the Printable on Etsy

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